A Letter To Sarah Ryan

As I have for the past few days I will be writing a letter to the person that I read John Wesley wrote letters to. Today’s letter is addressed to Sarah Ryan. What you might find interesting is how John Wesley addresses the letter. This is not something that I chose to do, but how John actually addresses all his letters to Sarah Ryan. I have chosen to write more about the aftermath of the altercation between Sarah and John’s wife. I hope you enjoy this letter.

My Dear Sister,

It has been yet a few days since the incident at dinner with my wife. I cannot help but feel that I am partially to blame because as I have written earlier, it was my letter to you that led her to interrupt our dinner that night. I pray that you did not at any moment that night felt the sting of danger. I pray that your days have gotten better since this incident with my wife and that it does not deter you from continuing sending letters to me. Your letters often find me when I need them most, and for that I thank you. I pray that my wife has not scared you away from doing your Christian duty and serving God as you have been these past weeks. Stay strong in faith and in this movement in which we are a part of. Do not forget that the Lord loves and is the only judge when our earthly bodies breathe their last breathes, let no human, and whether that be male or female deter you from doing God’s work. I am eager to receive your next letter with excitement as always.

I am
Your affectionate brother


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