Boat Scene

The reading for today was John Wesley writing to many different people, of whom I feel, is not going to be important to the story that I want to portray on stage. So for today’s two blog posts I have decided to combine them and would share with you readers an idea for a scene that I have been mulling over in my head. I would like to lay out the scene so that you understand why the characters are acting in the way that they are.

To set up the scene you must picture John Wesley on the boat traveling to America. The boat is tossing back and forth as the waves come crashing along the side of the boat. John is a younger man and is traveling with his brother Charles to America. They have Moravian traveling companions whom seem to not be scared of the storm, as John and Charles are. Here is the scene of John Wesley and Charles Wesley on the boat to America.

(Lights up, John looks out over the water trying to keep his eye on the horizon. Charles enters)

Charles: My brother, there you are?

John: Charles this is not the time to be by my side.

Charles: But John the service has begun to start (singing begins off stage) Can you not hear the Moravians beginning to sing.

John: Believe me Charles I hear their voices, but I am in no proper physical shape to be preaching to them.

Charles: I understand, but it was you that always told me that it is our duty as Christians to preach to all those that will listen.

John: (yells) how can I preach when I have no words to share!

Charles: You are beside yourself John. What has gotten into you? You never have yelled at me in such a manner. I feel this sea air has put a damper on your spirit.

John: It has done so much more than just damper my spirit Charles. I fear this journey. With every moment that passes I feel closer to death. Then I look at the Moravians and they just seem at peace amongst the storm. It is as if they do not fear death at all. Do you fear death brother?

Charles: I do not know. I have never thought about death in the mass that you have.

John: How can you not consider death, it is what we have been planning for as we have shared the word with the English and the reason we are traveling to the American Colonies.

Charles: I know, but I know that what I am doing is the Lord’s work. If you no longer feel the same I do not know what to say. So I will leave you with your thoughts and will join the Moravians in their worship. I just pray you join as well. (Exits)

John: You brother may have the saving faith but I am no longer sure I do.
(Lightning flashing across the sky and screams come from off stage. John falls to the ground as the boat seems to rock back and forth. Peter Böhler enters)

Peter: Are you alright there Brother John.

John: Yes Brother Peter, I am well.

Peter: You say that you are well but I look into your eyes and see no happiness but rather fear. What are you fearing John?

John: Death

Peter: Death?

John: Yes, Can you answer me this question that has been weighing on my heart.

Peter: Go ahead brother

John: How is it that you and your fellow Moravians can be on this boat during a storm such as this and sing hymns when everyone else around you shivers in fear?

Peter: Because we have faith in the Lord. May I ask you a question John?

John: Of course

Peter: Do you have faith in the Lord?

(To be continued)

Well there you have it readers. That is a very very rough draft of a scene for the show. I know I have to work more on my old English, and I hope to do that in my future posts. Tomorrow may be more of the same, or not. But I promise you readers, I will keep you on your toes, so stay tuned.


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  1. It is nice to see you writing like this again!

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