Opening Scene?

I will be honest to you readers and say that this reading for today was a rough one because of its similarity to yesterday’s reading. So in lieu of this I have chosen to do what I did in my last blog…DIALOGUE BLOG. I hope you enjoy.

(Lights come up, the stage is bare. Samuel Sr. runs in from off stage)

Samuel Sr: Fire, Fire, Fire!

Susanna: Come along kids. We must get far away from the house. Keeper do you we have all the children?

Keeper: I counted heads Mrs., however we seem to be one short.

Susanna: Which child is still in our home?

Keeper: John

Susanna: Samuel you must retrieve John from the house!

Samuel: He is already lost Susanna, we must be thankful for what and who we have with us now.

(Lights fade on stage. Lights up on side balcony. Young John is lying in bed while smoke surrounds the room. Young John wakes.)

Young John: Mother? Mother? Father? Brother Samuel? Sisters? Anyone here? (coughs) There is smoke (coughs) Mother where are you, I need you.

Susanna: (offstage) John, John, John

Young John: Mother please help me.

(John locates a chair and picks it up from the floor. Young John throws the chair offstage. A chair flies on stage.)

Susanna: John, my baby boy!

Young John: Mother

Susanna: Someone save my son.

(Extras enter from offstage begin to mimic rescuing Young John. Lights out in balcony and stage)


This is a very rough beginning of the show. I want to build off of this scene to make it more dramatic. I will say that it is interesting having read the vast amounts of biographies and personal works, resulting in me now having to take this new found knowledge and put it to paper. This task, I will admit will not be easy, and those around me will probably be annoyed when I begin to start talking in Old English in order to accurately write in the setting of the show. I hope that you readers will continue to journey on with me as what I thought would be a short journey, may have well turned into a long journey full of me loving and hating the man I have studied for this entire summer. But the research journey is rounding the final turn. One more week of reading and reflecting, which I hope you have enjoyed, and taking time to storyboard. I am hoping readers to be able to share more another time. But it has once again come to that time in which I must ask you to stay tuned, because you never know what I will write next


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