John and Students interact

Summer, as most Christians know, is the time for Vacation Bible School. For today’s blog I would like to write a scene that shows John Wesley talking to the students and professors at the Kingswood school. John pays special attention to the child who comes up to him inquiring why they rise so early. In all of my research there is very little interaction between John and young children. This allows me to take certain artistic liberties but I still plan on being as true to John Wesley as possible. I hope you enjoy the scene.

(Lights up. John enters a room with students sitting in rows waiting to hear from John)

Professor: Students, allow me the privilege to introduce you to John Wesley. He is the man that has helped created this fine educational establishment of which you all are educated.

John: Thank you professor that will be enough. Good morning children, I hear that your studies have been on schedule and that your knowledge grows by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. I am proud to see that your hard work will help you leave this place of education and you will contribute greatly to the society around you. I cannot stay long I am afraid, so if you any questions feel free to ask them now.

Student: Mr. Wesley I have a question for you if you will answer it for me.

John: Go ahead young student.

Student: Please correct me if I am wrong in this statement. Is it not your rules and guidelines that we must follow every day?

John: This is true. Is that your question child?

Student: My question is this. Why must we rise every day at four o’clock in the morning? Why must we never deviate from your rules and guidelines for the day?

Professor: This is the way it has been for years. How dare you child ask this of Mr. Wesley?

John: It is alright professor; the student is of age to ask such questions. Well child the answer is simple, by having a daily regiment one is able not to worry about the daily task of living but rather can focus on ones relationship with our Lord in heaven. This is the way all should be living. If you follow this practice as a youth you are far more likely to continue to live in this lifestyle as an adult. Is this a sufficient answer for you?

(To be continued)

I rather like this conversation between John and the student. He is very loving to the student when the professor yells at them. However, John is still very stern when dealing with answering the question. John sees nothing wrong in his ideas and guidelines that he makes the students follow. He sees this as the best option for the students and therefore they are better off following his lifestyle. I hope this scene, you feel, is true to John Wesley. I feel that it is, but I will let you be the judge.


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