Final Reflections

For my final blog for a few weeks, and the final blog of the research portion of my independent study, will be a reflection of the process of research. I would like to talk about my thoughts on the biographies, and then go into the personal writings of John Wesley. I will then conclude the blog with a heads up with what is coming up on this blog.

Now when I started the journey of finding biographies about John Wesley, I honestly thought I could get away by only looking at one or two that I already had in my library. I was wrong, but I am very glad that I was wrong. Because I was told to use more by my supervisor I was able to read a wider range of opinions on John Wesley. Each one of them had their own understanding of John as well as their own stories that follow their thoughts on John. I enjoyed reading the stories and seeing John in many lights, the problem that I had, however, was there was so much to process. I am thankful I had my blog to reflect to all of you my thoughts, but there were times in which this blog was not enough to process all that I have learned. I understand that there is more to be learned, but I think I currently have enough for my show at this point. Who knows, maybe during the process of writing I will read another biography. Only time will tell I guess.

I have to admit that I love John Wesley’s personal writings. I will also admit that the reading at times seemed to drag on. But the reading was full of who John Wesley truly was, or at least who he wanted people to see him as. I was able to pull many different stories and insights about John Wesley that I never knew before. It is hard to truly break away from the John Wesley that I grew up with, but it is important to do this because I cannot write a show about the John Wesley I grew up with. I must write a show about the true John Wesley. By reading John Wesley’s personal writings I am able to break my preconceived notions of who John Wesley was, and truly find the real John Wesley among all of this research.

I cannot wait to write this show, but alas I must wait till the semester starts. I have enjoyed the research portion of the independent study but it has come the time for me to take a break from writing in this blog. I will be taking a week off to relax and then return to this blog after the week. I will be reflecting on how the show is progressing, so the blog post may be shorter than you readers are used to. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and my journey so far with John Wesley. Only the research portion of the journey has ended, but now the real fun begins. I must channel my inner John Wesley and put him on the page in a theatre drama. Let the fun of writing a theatre drama about John Wesley begin!


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  1. Enjoy your break!

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