Monthly Archives: November, 2013

An Update

Well followers of this blog, allow me to give you an update on the progress of the show and the journey that I have been on. Since concluding the research portion of this project, I have been writing the show…slowly. It is not going as fast as I would like it to but that is to be expected when other classes and bits of life get thrown into the mix. I hope that you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have and are looking forward to the completion of the project.

The show overall has been narrowed down to two acts, each of which feature “flash back” vignettes that, when put together, flesh out the story of not only John Wesley himself, but his many interactions with his brother. These interactions include childhood, the holy club, traveling preachers, love life, conversion experiences, and of course overall brother interaction. I am not sure how much interaction there will be with John and his other siblings, solely because that would make the show very long (and I want a stage play not a movie script).Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this update. and I hope to continue to update as the journey continues so please stay tuned.