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A Simple Thank You

For this blog I would like to reflect on the people whom have given me nothing but encouragement throughout this journey of research. My wife has been a rock as I take time reading and writing every day. She has been nothing but understanding and supportive. On the days that I just want to stop reading and go to bed, she is the one that keeps me up reading and asking questions that keep me constantly excited. I do not know where this blog would be without her.

I would like to thank my independent study supervisor for believing in this project and not thinking that writing a play about John Wesley was farfetched. It was this professor who turned my eyes toward the project and also gave me many of my resources for my research. Without this professor my dream of writing a show about John Wesley would still just be a dream. So for all of this and much more I thank my United Methodist History professor.

I would lastly like to thank my friends and family for giving me nothing but support. They have been there with happiness for the project and nothing but good ideas. They have been willing to read my blog as well as say they are going to be part of the show, if it is ever put on stage. For all of this and so much more I am excited.

To all of those who are following my blog, I thank you for following. Tomorrow will be my last blog for a couple of weeks and I promise to make it a good one, but after then, stay tuned for more excitement of my journey with John Wesley.